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Mountain-Biking in Southtyrol

The trijunction between Austria, Switzerland and Italy with its many mountain passes and trails is a well-known mountainbiking and cycling area with a great variety of possibilities. Simply: the valley of Vinschgau is a paradise for mountainbikers, offering flush paths and pasturetrails as well as challenging ridgeways and summits.

Enjoy the guided tours by Terranova individually or as a group.

We recommend the following cyclingtours throughout the valley of Vinschgau:

More Info »Goldrain Leger Kreuzjoch Martelltal

From the hotel head towards the roundabout past the firebrigade. Take the second left and follow the cycling path towards the village of Goldrain. Arrived there, cycle along a path in the fields called Krummweg that leads to Morter am Nödersberg. Keep right at the fire station and take a steep tarred road straight ahead (even though the sign shows right to Schwaig) and reach the game reserve at 788m. Continue on a steep, curvy, shady forestry road along the mountain Nödersberg. At a hight of 1.450m the path levels out and gets overgrown by grass.  At 1.600m altitude you reach a gate. Do not cross it but turn left instead and pedal the last couple of meters altitude up to Leger (at 1.704m). The so called Morterer-Leger-hut invites to take a little rest before continuing the tour. After a narrow start and the path turns into a wide street before reaching the farm Haslhof. The trail is narrow at first, but ends at „Locken“ in a wide street where it intersects with another forestry road. Turn right to reach 1.892m followed by a challenging – but non the less beautiful – part to the mountain ridge at 1977m where you can enjoy  beautiful mountain views overlooking the valley of Martell and ist huge, beautiful glaciers. Follow  a curvy path downhill to the highest farms oft he outer Martell-valley. Technically experienced cyclers will love this challenge. The tarred street leads all the way back to the village, where you can have a little rest before reaching the leisure-park of Trattla and the farms of Niederwies. The last part of the trip, ride smoothly along the cycling path back to the hotel.

Kilometer: 27 km
Altitude: 1430 m
Time: 4,5 h
Fitness-level: taxing
Uphill: bumpy
Downhill: bumpy
Notes: Selektive Uphilltrails, curvy Downhills in to Martell-valley. Technically challenging but rewarded with beautiful landscapes and natural highlights. The last passages to Kreuzjoch and Martell-valley is a typical hiking trail, we kindly ask for to stick to the rules of conduct.
Altitude at starting point: 721m Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten
Altitude at highest point: 2035m Kreuzjoch
Best time: June, July, August, September, October

More Info »Cycling path Claudia-Augusta-street

„It’s exciting, fascinating, great!“ – cyclists, no matter their age, keep saying. Even the Transalp-participants 2002 enjoyed this trail. From the village Reschen it’s  – except for a few pedals – only downhill, through beautiful landscapes, shady forests, large fields, villages and the smallest city in South Tyrol (Glurns), appletree-plantations to the well known spa-town of Meran. For those who like a challenge and want to take more time admiring the beautiful nature, we suggest to do it the other way around and cycle from Meran to Reschen. For all others: you can take a train and bus to the starting point of Reschen. 

Kilometer: 95 km
Altitude: 1300 m
Time: 6 h
Fitness-level: very easy
Uphill: tarred
Downhill: tarred
Notes: 1300m of altiture along the famous roman street Via Claudia Augusta, the cycling path is a highlight for young and old. Tarred and perfeclty prepared roads
Altitude at starting point: 1500m Lake Reschen
Altitute at ending point: 450m Meran
Best Time: April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November

More Info »The easy upper Vinschgau-valley roundtrip

From the Hotel cycle towards the Claudia Augusta cycling path. From there head towards „Stilfserjoch“ and arrive finally at the smallest town in South Tyrol and in all of Europe: Glurns. At the central square oft he old town turn right towards Schluderns. Just before the railway-underpass turn left and follow the path towards Prader Sanden. In front of the trainstation turn right onto a bridge that brings you tot he fishing lakes of Prad, a natural recreational area in the upper valley of Vinschgau. Cycle through the unique riverine landscape before heading back to Prad and along the cycling path to the Hotel in Schlanders. 

Kilometer: 30 km
Altitude: 270 m
Time: 2 h
Fitness-level: very easy
Uphill: well-prepared
Downhill: well-prepared
Notes: tarred and gravel paths
Altitude at starting point: 721m Hotel four seasons Schlanders
Altitute at ending point: 935m Glurns
Best Time: April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November

The altitude in the Vinschgau valley varies from almost 4.000m to 400m above sealevel. Not only the spectacular mountains Ortler and Königsspitze, but also the mountain pass „Reschen“ with ist reservoir lake, famous for a churchtower standing under water and the appletree-plantations.

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