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Enjoy the quintessence of active ingredients from the Alps and personalized massage techniques.

More Info »Apple & rose hip

Apple & rose hip, a special gift for mature skin.
This Alpine beauty massage leaves the skin feeling newly elasticized and fresh.
Duration: ca. 25 min. Price: € 45,00
Duration: ca. 50 min. Price: € 75,00

More Info »Marigold & chamomile

Marigold & chamomile, the ideal treatment for fatigued skin.
Enjoy the pleasure of this Alpine beauty massage that simultaneously soothes and regenerates.
Duration: ca. 25 min. Price: € 50,00
Duration: ca. 50 min. Price: € 75,00

More Info »Mountain pine & scotch pine

Mountain pine & Scotch pine purify and detoxinate your body.
This extraordinary, Alpine-scented massage stimulates blood flow and reinforces the skin, leaving it healthy-looking.
Duration: ca. 25 min. Price: € 50,00
Duration: ca. 50 min. Price: € 75,00

More Info »Hay & juniper

Hay flower & juniper extracts restore relaxation and vigor to your body.
Feel the intense pleasure of these Alpine massages and recover new energy.
Duration: ca. 25 min. Price: € 50,00
Duration: ca. 50 min. Price: € 75,00

More Info »Haypeeling

Hay peeling, enriched with extra-pure pink salt crystals, cleanses the skin in depth, stimulates tissue regeneration and leaves the skin looking cleaner, clearer and more luminous.
The use of abrasive plant extracts intensifies the peeling effect, favoring perfect absorption of the active ingredients by the skin.
Duration: ca. 20 min. Price: € 40,00

More Info »Aroma pure massage

New: antioxidative care and neuro-cosmetics to protect your skin. The oils which channel the aromatic effects of the massage into your skin and your senses hold the keys to wellbeing at its best.

Choose from the following exclusive themes: 

HARMONY – For peace and tranquillity
VITALITY – Fortify yourself
EQUILIBRIUM - Inner balance

Partial massage: 25 min. Price: € 50,00
Full body massage: 50 min. Price: € 75,00

Special massages

More Info »Hot-Stone-Massage

This deep relaxation massage is based on hot basaltic stones and precious essential oils. It provides the sensation of global harmony after periods of strong physical or emotional stress, in periods of interior renewal and relaxation or more simply as a gift for one’s self or for a dear one.
Duration: ca. 25 min. Price: € 50,00
Duration: ca. 70 min. Price: € 110,00

More Info »Cosmetic foot zones massage

Duration: ca. 50 min. Price: € 75,00

More Info »Lomi Lomi Nui

This spontaneous, meditative massage of Hawaiian-Polynesian tradition is personalised to suit your needs; the rubbing and kneading movements work deep into the skin and fascia to loosen adhesions and mobilise excess fat, with a particular focus on the shoulders, lower back and hips. Detox effect.
Duration: ca. 80 min. 
Price: € 110,00

Shiatsu is a form of Japanese acupressure. It is a soothing, relaxing treatment, and is particularly suitable for acute discomfort in the movement muscles of the back and shoulders. This massage is carried out on a floor mat, wearing loose clothing.   
Duration: ca. 50 min. Price: € 80,00
Duration: ca. 80 min. Price: € 110,00

More Info »Thai Massage

The Thai massage is one of the most complete forms of massage in Asia, and is carried out with the knees and feet in addition to the hands. The main aim of this pressure is mobilisation; the focus is centred on the lower body and hips, and is particularly beneficial for depleted core muscles. This massage is carried out on a floor mat wearing loose clothing. Regenerative effect.

Duration: 50 min. 
Price: € 80,00

Tuina originates in the Middle Kingdom of China, and is a personalised massage to improve general mobility and flexibility. The tissue of the body is viewed holistically, with a particular focus on the central tissue of the fascia. Detox effect. 
Duration: ca. 50 min. 
Price: € 80,00

Classic massages

More Info »Partial massage (leg or back)

Duration: ca. 25 min. Price: € 45,00

More Info »Full body massage

Duration: ca. 50 min. Price: € 80,00

More Info »Sport massage

Loosing massage that shapes strained muscles up again.

Duration: ca. 50 min. Price: € 80,00


Ayurveda is one of the most famous and oldest naturopathic medicines. According to the Indian tradition it has been given to human to have a long, healthy and happy life. In addition to nutrition and medical treatments, Ayurveda uses also individual combination of different oils, herbs and pressed seeds. The effects of oil penetrates into the skin and dissolves dross from the tissue. The individual treatments give a younger looking, renew the cells, vitalize, strengthen the immune system and support the holistic well- being.

More Info »Abhyanga

the oil massage with loving hands.

During this delicate complete body massage with warm oils the cleaning and clearing impulses are set and give a profound sensation of wellbeing.
Duration: ca. 80 min. Price: € 110,00

More Info »Padabhyanga

Ayurveda massage of feet and legs.

This is one of the most effective treatments in Ayurveda for calming the mind. Extensive movements that take turns with delicate techniques, in order that you can completely relax- in a world of relaxation and familiarity.
Duration: ca. 25 min. Price: € 55,00

More Info »Mukabhyanga

a face skin as velvet and silk.

Relaxing face- and body massage with warm sesame oil.
The energy flow in the whole body is stimulated through the delicate pressure on the marma points.
Duration: ca. 25 min. Price: € 55,00

More Info »Upanahasveda

A back massage that makes you forget the tensions on your back.

Duration: ca. 25 min. Price: € 55,00

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