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.... nach Vitalis Dr. Joseph

The Vitalis baths exploit the synergy from compounds of Alpine active ingredients to boost health, beauty and well-being. Discover the variety of beneficial alpine baths, there were they were created. Southtyrol.

More Info »Lavender bath / release and relaxing bath

The Lavender bath convey a sensation of balance and calming down.

Duration: 20 min. 
Price: € 35,00

More Info »Dwarf pine bath / Herbal bath

The dwarf pine supports positively the immune system and gives new vitality to it.

Duration: 20 min. 
 € 35,00

More Info »Beauty bath and rose bloom

The milk bath is the Queen’s bath and enchants your skin. The skin feels as new. This bath works as a lifting for the skin and reduces the pores.

Duration: 20 min. 
Price: € 35,00

More Info »Apple fango - compress

It stimulates the detoxification through the skin, has a stimulating and vigorous effect.

Duration: 40 min. 
Price: € 45,00

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