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Your hiking-hotel in the Vinschgau valley

The variety of the landscape with its Mediterranean and sunny climate is highly appreciated by connoisseurs. It is certainly no exaggeration to state that the Vinschgau valley is one of the most versatile hiking-areas in South Tyrol. Making the Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten the right choice for your Southtyrolean stay. 

Whether you want to explore the surrounding mountain peaks ranging um to 3.000 meters, or amble through the fields of apple trees and grassland, the unique nature will charm you.

Everything you need to know about hiking, climbs and tours according to difficulty, a virtual hikingmap, huts, mountain pastures, typical Southtyrolean Waalweg-paths and information on cablecars you can find on the website of the Alpine Association.

More Info »Schlanders - Ilswaal

From Franziskusstraße in Schlanders we walk on the newly restored footpath along the main road to the village Kortsch. At the large square named Unterdorfplatz we turn right and towards beautiful chestnut groves. Soon we reach the picturesque Ägidius-church on a little hill, an energy- and culture spot from prehistoric times, where we engage with the time of our ancestors and continue walking on towards the Ilswaal. At the end of the Ilswaal we climb um several turns up the Schlandersberg until we reach the "Fisolguat" on 1.060 meters. Afterwards we follow the path at the foot of the so called Sonnenberg Bach to the Hotel.

Altitude: 339 m

Time: 3,5 h
Difficulty: medium
Course: Hotel (738m) - Ilswaal - St. Ägidius - Schlandersberg (1060m) - Briel - Hotel

More Info »Ridgeway St. Martin - Schlandersberg

By car or bus we get to the cable-car-station in the village Latsch. We walk the cable car up to the mountain village St. Martin, where we can already enjoy a beautiful view to the upper-Vinschgau valley, the Martell-valley an the eastern Ortler-mountains. We walk along a forest road until reaching the farm Egghof, sticking to the propensity like a swallows nest. Afterwards we continue on a path across mountain-pastures, past the decayed mountain villages Laggar and Zuckbichl - the views are truly amazing. We climb down to the river Fallerbach and will soon reach the farm Tappeinerhof just above Schlanders. A forest road brings us back to the hotel.

Altitude: 200 m
Time: 4 h
Difficulty: medium
Course: St. Martin im Kofel (1740m) - Schloß Schlandersberg (1060m)
Equipment: ankle-high hiking boots with nonslip soles, rainproof clothing, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses and binoculars; hiking poles are recommended
Ideal Time: May, June, July, August, September
Not to be misses: the truly amazing view towards the upper Vinschgau valley, the Martell-valley an the eastern Ortler-mountains; The hike takes you past many different mountain-pastures and - villages.

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